Announcing your 2016-17 Executive Board!

To the Families of the USS Carl Vinson Family Readiness Group,

As many of you know, your FRG board recently held elections for our executive board positions. I’m so excited to announce the new board to you today. I can assure you that the Vinson FRG is in amazing hands under the helm of these four awesome ladies, and I can’t wait to see how they make our group grow.

Over the past ten months or so, our group has learned so much about  communication, event planning, group dynamics, and more. It’s been a lot of trial and error, with mostly (In my opinion) a lot of successes. We have hosted an average of 2 events per month, including:

  • Family potluck at Societe brewing
  • Red, White and Blue 5k
  • San Diego Gulls Hockey Game
  • Ladies Night LuLaRoe Pop Up
  • Coffee tasting class at Industrial Grind
  • Ceramic Painting night at Hot Spot in Point Loma
  • 2 Beach Cleanups at Mission Beach
  • Family Potluck at the Beach
  • Movie Night under the Stars
  • Yoga by the Bay
  • USO Dinner
  • Padres Vs. Yankees Game
  • Our General Meeting and Elections
  • & our Freezer Meal Fundraiser

Looking back on this list I’m overwhelmed with pride at how much we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve as president – it has been so fulfilling for me to grow as a leader and to work with the three other ladies of the 2015-16 Board.

And now, announcing your 2016-2017 Vinson Family Readiness Group Executive Board!


(L-R) Kelley Isham, President // Christina Campo, Vice President // Brettany Buetow, Secretary // Brittany Harker, Treasurer

Kelley Isham will be stepping up from the position of Vice President to take over as President. Kelley works full time in Human Resources, and her skills in diplomacy and team building make her an excellent leader. Kelley hopes that the FRG will “…continue planning successful events, but [she] would also like to see FRG members make plans of their own together based on the friendships made through FRG events.”

Christina Campo will be joining the FRG as Vice President of the group. We have had such a blast getting to know Christina over the past few months – she has been a regular attendant at our events and is a welcome addition to the team. Christina is skilled in marketing and her talents will help us to grow our membership – one of her goals for the year is to “…strengthen the group by ensuring each sailor who comes aboard is made aware of the FRG and it’s offerings to their family. ”

Brettany Buetow has been reelected as your Secretary.  Brett hopes to “create a positive and stress free environment to support our fellow families.” Her cheerful spirit makes her an incredible ambassador for the group, while her willingness to take on any task makes her an amazing friend and board member. Brett thinks the FRG should be a group that gives “…support to military spouses and family during times when they need it most.”

Brittany Harker will stay on as FRG Treasurer. Her work dealing with FRG finances this year has been impeccable. She is organized, thorough, and dedicated to her role. Brittany has over 10 years of experience handling money, 5 of those including banking. To say she is qualified is an understatement. In addition to her financial finesse, Brittany has been so helpful at assisting with merchandise sales and organization. Britt believes the FRG is necessary because, “…cultural diversity is one of the great things about the military life. Everyone has different interests and traditions and being able to learn and grow from others is a wonderful opportunity.”

I want to thank all of our Vinson Families for the opportunity to serve as your president. I hope to be able to continue to assist the FRG in some capacity. I encourage all of you to consider raising your hand to volunteer as these four strong and capable women have. It has been a great way to get to know other military families, and a source of strength when I needed it most.


Cara Hanhurst

FRG President, 2015-16



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