Turnover Roles

EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTIONSPer our bylaws, it’s time for annual elections and turnover. If you are interested in becoming a board member from July 2016 until July 2017, please fill out the application here: http://goo.gl/forms/x9wi95scfd

Volunteering with your Family Readiness Group is a great way to connect to new friends and the San Diego Area. Our group hosts educational workshops and conducts social and moral building activities. Learn teamwork and leadership skills, all while giving back to your military community. Volunteering with an FRG looks great on resumes!

Please note that the deadline for submitting your application is Sunday, June 12th. Elections will be held on Saturday, July 16th.

Executive Board Roles and Responsibilites

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Entire Board – Other Potential Duties
Arranges Monthly meetings Assumes role of President in their absence Record the minutes of all meetings. Keep a full and accurate account of all transactions Assist with merchandising*
Secures speakers for meetings when necessary Acts as parliamentarian at meetings Handles any correspondence as directed by the president Collects donations Write thank you notes to sponsors and donors
Presides over all meetings for the group. Assists with coordinating committees, and be committe chairperson point of contact Maintains minutes, treasurer reports, and resignation letters in a bound folder. Maintains the group’s checking accounts, petty cash funds, PayPal and Square accounts Assist with planning events – including venue research, activity research, gathering donations
Represents the group at all meetings and affairs when necessary. Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor. Provides president with a copy of the minutes, to be forwarded to the USS Carl Vinson Command Point of Contact Signs checks Increasing membership / welcoming new members
Calls special meetings, when necessary Has minutes ready for duplication on request by the next scheduled meetings. Presents a written report at each meeting
keep the Appointed Command Point of Contact informed of the group’s activities, Maintains permanent records of the group. Submits a record for auditing no later than February 10th of each year
Signs checks Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor. Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor, including receipts, monthly bank statements, treasurer reports
Publishes a newsletter and updates the website with pertinent information Maintains and handles all media and social media.
Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor.
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Spring, So Far…

It’s been a busy Spring so far!

On March 5th, we hosted our hockey game with the San Diego Gulls. It was a great time, and we had a turnout of over 60 people. Each member received a Gulls t-shirt, and we gave away some Vinson FRG gear as well as some items donated by the San Diego Padres.

We had a blast at our Ladies Night event. We had a lovely time getting to know those who attended, and we raised about $100 for the FRG through fundraising sales from LuLaRoe. We hosted appetizers and gave away fun door prizes. The USO was great about providing some giveaways, and we also had support from Cygnet Theatre, Elixr Wax BarGold Canyon Candles for the Animals, and The Workshop Hair Salon.

Easter Giveaway: The FRG facilitated the giveaway of Ghiradelli Chocolate  and Starbucks Coffee, generously donated by the USO. Some of this was given directly to the families, and the rest taken to the ship for distribution.

We hope you’ll join us for an upcoming event – don’t forget to share your ideas with us at info@vinsonfrg.org!

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Facebook Group

3The Vinson FRG has started a Facebook Group to help us better connect our members to each other and the San Diego area. Our facebook page will remain active, but information regarding specific details about our events will transition to our group for safety reasons. Eligibility is limited to Spouses, Partners, Parents, and Grandparents that reside in San Diego. To be added to the group:

  1. Ask your sailor to email us at info@vinsonfrg.org from their CVN70 email address. Have them include your name and the email address that is connected to your facebook account.
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Upcoming FRG Events

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first event of the New Year, our family potluck at Societe Brewing Company. We had a great time meeting some new people and trying out favorite recipes! Check out the beautiful cake one of our members brought – those decorative pieces were made using a 3d printer!

We know that life is busy right now, but we hope you’ll join us for an upcoming event. Our goal for this term is to provide a positive environment, and the foundation for lasting friendships and support systems! Please remember to “Like” the VinsonFRG Page. If you would like to be added to our email list, please email us at Info@vinsonfrg.org!

Upcoming events include:

5k Walk/Run

Ladies Night – Lula Roe Event

Coffee Tasting Class

San Diego Gulls Hockey Game

Padres Game

Teen Bowling/Movie Night

Wine/Paint Night


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Red White & Blue 2-mile run/walk

Join your Vinson FRG as we tackle New Years’ Resolutions with a 2-mile run or walk!

All ages are welcome! Event -T-shirt to those who pre-register and participate; quantities are limited. There is no day-of registration. 9 am check in


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Wings Over America Scholarship

logoUSS Carl Vinson Scholarship– funded by the USS Carl Vinson FRG, this scholarship is available to all dependents of Navy personnel who currently or formerly served aboard USS Carl Vinson (ship’s company, not Airwing) .

Eligibility: Dependent of Ship’s company (any time- past or current member). The 8 year requirement of aviation service Does Not have to be met to be eligible for this scholarship.


Pre-qualification (eligibility) February 1, 2016

Scholarship Application March 1, 2016

Apply Now

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Our First Event of 2016!

Save the Date!
Thursday, January 14th

Join us for our first event of 2016!

The entire family is welcome to join us for a fun and casual potluck event at Societe Brewing Company in Kearney Mesa!.
Please RSVP below. Details re: potluck items to bring will follow.

A complimentary drink ticket will be available to the first 50 guests to register,

ages 21 and over.


8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92111

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2015 Children’s Holiday Party



The 2015 Children’s Holiday Party will be held at Admiral Baker Park on Saturday, December 5th from 1pm – 4pm. RSVPs to be collected on board the USS Carl Vinson. Please have your sailor inquire about RSVPing for the Children’s Party. The Vinson FRG will not be collecting reservations.

Food, Entertainment, Children’s Crafts and Activities. A special holiday themed “someone” will also be visiting!



Admiral Baker Park

2400 Admiral Baker Rd, San Diego, California 92120
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FRG Survey

Help the Vinson FRG serve you and your family!

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Homecoming Readiness Information

To prepare for homecoming, the FRG, Ombudsman Team and FORCE Ombudsman presented  the following information for the families of Carl Vinson Sailors and Airwing at our Reintegration Meeting.   This post contains information about the rules and regulations of Homecoming Day and First Kiss Tickets

From the FORCE ombudsman:

– Base Access: Base access for non DOD ID Card holders (ie grandma, sisters, aunts, friends) has to be arranged by the SAILOR aboard the USS Carl Vinson.  The command aboard the USS carl Vinson has begun a base access list.  If there is even the slightest possibility that someone may be at Homecoming, please have your sailor put them on the list.  Children under 10 do not need to be placed on the list.  Children 10 and OVER who do not have a DOD ID Card must be placed on the access list.  People who are riding onto the base WITH a military spouse must be placed on the list.  There are no exceptions, all IDs will be checked for all people in a vehicle over 10 years old.  Military ID holders and guests riding in their vehicle should use the Main Gate (Stockdale).  Non military ID holders should use Gate 2 (Carrier Gate, closest to the bay).

– Ship arrival time has not been confirmed.  Most carriers arrive between 9a and 10a.  The exact time of arrival will be released 24-48 hours before Homecoming Day

– Plan for A LOT OF TRAFFIC.  There will still be normal working traffic for the base AND San Diego.  Plan your travel time accordingly.  If a BRAVO threat level is still being enforced, this will cause further delays at the base gates.  Please plan for an early morning.

– Plan for a LONG morning.  Even after the ship has arrived at the pier, it will be at least an hour before sailors begin coming off the ship.  Pack snacks, water, chairs, and sunscreen along with a light coat.  Refreshments WILL be provided on the pier.

– NO BALLOONS, PETS, ALCOHOL, or COOLERS (small lunch boxes/bags for snacks are allowed)

– Parking.  Parking will be in the lot that the sailors usually park in on base.  VIP parking (for those on the New Moms list, First Kiss winners, etc) has not been determined.  NO OVERNIGHT PARKING IS ALLOWED.  More info about parking will be released closer to Homecoming Day.

The handout from the FORCE Ombudsman can be found at this link: cvn 70 rules & regulations.


FIRST KISS Tickets:  

The First Kiss is a tradition of Homecoming Day normally run as a fundraiser for the Family Readiness Group.  Due to the frugality of the board, generous support of our fundraisers and overwhelming support from the community, it was not neccesary to sell tickets.  To give EVERYONE the opportunity to be a part of this tradition, the USS Carl Vinson command has taken control of the FIRST KISS tradition.  Every sailor aboard the ship will have the opportunity to put a loved one’s name into a drawing.  There will be 8 winners:

  • A spouse from the USS carl Vinson (First Kiss)
  • A spouse from Airwing (First Kiss)
  • A dependent child from the USS Carl Vinson (First Hug)
  • A dependent child from Airwing (first Hug)
  • A family member/friend/unmarried significant other from the USS Carl Vinson (First High Five)
  • A family member/friend/unmarried significant other from Airwing (First High Five)
  • A single sailor from USS Carl Vinson (First Liberty)
  • A single sailor from Airwing (First Liberty)

These winners will be drawn by the FCPOA (First Class Petty Officers Association) on May 23rd aboard the ship and the sailor and his chosen loved one will be notified.  Runners up will also be drawn in case the winners cannot participate.

The First Kiss/Hug/Hi Five tickets that were given out by the FRG at the beginning of the deployment will be part of a special 9th winner drawing.  All the tickets collected will be placed into a single drawing for the chance for their sailor to also be a part of the group that gets to leave the ship first.  Everyone who attends the Vinson Final Countdown party on the evening before Homecoming will ALSO receive an entry into this drawing.  The winner will be drawn and announced THAT evening.

To increase your sailor’s chance at being chosen, please make sure to tell them to enter the drawing on the ship.  To further increase your sailor’s chance, make sure you attend the Vinson Final Countdown Party.  More information about this event will be sent to you from your sailor.  

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