Turnover Roles

EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTIONSPer our bylaws, it’s time for annual elections and turnover. If you are interested in becoming a board member from July 2016 until July 2017, please fill out the application here: http://goo.gl/forms/x9wi95scfd

Volunteering with your Family Readiness Group is a great way to connect to new friends and the San Diego Area. Our group hosts educational workshops and conducts social and moral building activities. Learn teamwork and leadership skills, all while giving back to your military community. Volunteering with an FRG looks great on resumes!

Please note that the deadline for submitting your application is Sunday, June 12th. Elections will be held on Saturday, July 16th.

Executive Board Roles and Responsibilites

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Entire Board – Other Potential Duties
Arranges Monthly meetings Assumes role of President in their absence Record the minutes of all meetings. Keep a full and accurate account of all transactions Assist with merchandising*
Secures speakers for meetings when necessary Acts as parliamentarian at meetings Handles any correspondence as directed by the president Collects donations Write thank you notes to sponsors and donors
Presides over all meetings for the group. Assists with coordinating committees, and be committe chairperson point of contact Maintains minutes, treasurer reports, and resignation letters in a bound folder. Maintains the group’s checking accounts, petty cash funds, PayPal and Square accounts Assist with planning events – including venue research, activity research, gathering donations
Represents the group at all meetings and affairs when necessary. Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor. Provides president with a copy of the minutes, to be forwarded to the USS Carl Vinson Command Point of Contact Signs checks Increasing membership / welcoming new members
Calls special meetings, when necessary Has minutes ready for duplication on request by the next scheduled meetings. Presents a written report at each meeting
keep the Appointed Command Point of Contact informed of the group’s activities, Maintains permanent records of the group. Submits a record for auditing no later than February 10th of each year
Signs checks Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor. Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor, including receipts, monthly bank statements, treasurer reports
Publishes a newsletter and updates the website with pertinent information Maintains and handles all media and social media.
Maintain notebook of pertinent info to be turned over to the successor.
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