About the FRG


The purpose of the Family Readiness Group is to promote friendship and mutual support among CVN70 Families. We plan, coordinate, and conduct social, informational and morale building activities to enhance family readiness and enable Sailors and their families to meet the goals and challenges of their military lifestyle changes.

Membership consists of Navy enlisted, officers and family members. For those Sailors who are single; your fiancé, girlfriend or boyfriend can also join the FRG. Membership with the FRG provides emotional support and a connection to the command, especially during ship deployments.One to two times a month, the FRG hosts activities for you and your family. These events are typically free or very low cost. We host a variety of different kinds of events, for both children and adults. Some of our upcoming events include a trip to petco park to see the padres and an educational coffee class.

Our group is a positive and welcoming one. It’s not a place for gossip or negativity. We exist only to lift each other up, and welcome people from all different walks of life. The FRG is a great way to bridge the gap created when moving to a new place. Participating is one of the best ways to help your families assimilate into the San Diego Community, and begin the process of calling this place home.

The FRG does not receive a list of the sailors on the Vinson, or their family members.You sharing your family contact information is just about the only way for us to reach out to them. We encourage you to add your spouse, partner, or parents name to our email list, and ask them to visit our website at vinsonfrg.org or our facebook page. Please feel free to share this page with them!

Have an idea for an event you’d like to see? Please email us or message us on facebook.


  • USS Carl Vinson Care Line Number: 1.877.829.3016
  • FRG President:(619) 752-4374