Bod Squad Fitness Group

Join your Vinson FRG in a fitness challenge. We are coming together to help each other stay on track health wise and reach our goals!

How it works:
1. Email and request to be added.
2. You will be sent an invitation to create an account and join our group on, a free weigh loss tracking website.
3. Create your account and weigh in weekly/monthly.(Only your percentage lost will be shown to the group. Your actual weight is kept private.)
4. Complete your official start weigh in ON OR AFTER February 20
5. Participate in mini challenges, post tips and questions to help keep each other motivated.
6. See the change!!!

We will have prizes available for our top overall Losers. The site/challenge go by percentage lost.

This challenge will go from February 20 12am, to May 20th 11:59pm ( facebook only allows the date to be so far out so the end date will be changed as we go, just know it officially ends May 20th).

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