Executive Board Elections 2018-2019

Volunteering with your Family Readiness Group is a great way to connect to new friends and the San Diego Area. Our group hosts educational workshops and conducts social and moral building activities. Learn teamwork and leadership skills, all while giving back to your military community. Volunteering with an FRG also looks great on resumes!

Per our bylaws, it’s time for annual elections and turnover. If you are a spouse interested in becoming a board member from August 2018 until July 2019, please fill out the application here: https://goo.gl/forms/oXCT1FKdrozZ7azY2

Please note that the deadline for submitting your application is Friday, June 29, 2018.

Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities

President: The President will arrange monthly meeting places, secure speakers when necessary, and will preside at all meetings of the group. The President will represent the group at all meetings and affairs when necessary. The President will keep in contact with the ship to keep them informed of the group’s activities. The President will also publish a monthly newsletter/ website.

Vice President:The Vice President will assume the responsibilities of the President in their absence. The VP will assist in the coordination of committees, and be the contact for the committee chairpersons to give information to. The VP will coordinate communications seeking donations and fundraisers.

Secretary: The Secretary records the minutes of all meetings and will handle all the correspondence of the group as directed by the President. The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining all minutes, treasury reports, and other forms as needed. They will also maintain and handle all media and Social media communications.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate account of all transactions of the Family Readiness Group. The treasurer will need to keep record of inventory of merchandise and bank accounts and present a treasurer’s report at every meeting. The treasurer will need to make sure to have an audit done once per year. They will also be head of the online store, sales tables, in-person sales, and shipping merchandise as needed.

President Ambassador: The President Ambassador arranges monthly meeting places, represents the FRG in San Diego while the ship is in Bremerton, and keeps the FRG board and the ship informed of the San Diego group’s activities. The President Ambassador maintains social media communications, updates to the website, and takes meeting minutes.

Treasurer Ambassador: The Treasurer Ambassador shares account access with the FRG Board Treasurer and is responsible for a budget and keeping financial records for San Diego. The Treasurer Ambassador will maintain communication with the FRG Board Treasurer and share all receipts, merchandise sales and purchases, and any other pertinent financial information for the FRG Board Treasurer’s records. The Treasurer Ambassador will be the liaison in San Diego for seeking donations and conducting fundraisers.

The Ambassadors work together to provide events for families in San Diego while the ship is in Bremerton, and are encouraged to utilize volunteers to support their efforts.



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