What is an FRG and Why should I join one?

“FRG” stands for family readiness group. Before the dawn of the internet and Facebook, family readiness groups were used to disseminate information about ship movement as well as plan activities and social events. Today, the FRG is here to provide opportunities to get to know your fellow spouses, partners, and family members by hosting events, workshops, and activities with the involvement of your command Ombudsman. If you are looking to make friends who understand the military lifestyle, you should consider joining an FRG. Being an FRG member helps you to stay busy and positive when ships are underway and deploy.

How do I join?

Our bylaws allow family members of Vinson Sailors to be FRG members. In some cases, friends can also be invited to join the FRG. You can join by jumping right in to our activities and events. We are an open welcoming group and appreciate people from all backgrounds and walks of life. To find out about upcoming events, visit our calendar or email us at info@vinsonfrg.org.

I’ve been in an FRG/Spouse Group in the past and really didn’t like it.

We are a positive and welcoming group. We don’t tolerate gossip or negativity. It’s simply not allowed. Our goal is to have fun and support each other, period.

How do I learn about when my sailor will be deployed/when they will be in port?

We live in a time where you can’t be too safe. To keep our families and sailors secure, we do not discuss ships movements at events or on our social media. That information should come from your sailor.

I have an emergency situation and can’t reach my sailor. HELP!

Contact your Ombudsman. They are trained by the command for this exact situation. If you contact the FRG, we will refer you to the Ombudsman.

I heard you have a secret Facebook group. What is it and how do I join?

We DO have a Facebook group. The Vinson FRG exists to plan events in the San Diego area. We allow access to this group for those located at our duty station. Detailed instruction can be found here. While we understand the extra steps and limitations can be inconvenient, please trust that it is both for your safety and for that of your sailor. Not in the San Diego area? There are lots of Vinson fan pages available, and you are welcome to follow our public page!

Can I still be added to the email distribution list if I am not in San Diego?

A:  Yes! You can add yourself to the distribution list by going back to our homepage on vinsonfrg.org and submitting your name and email address on the right hand side.

Are you open to event suggestions?

A.We welcome constructive feedback on events and are always looking for energetic and motivated volunteers. Please share your thoughts at info@vinsonfrg.org. Have a great activity idea? We would love your help organizing it!

Who runs the FRG?

A.Our FRG is facilitated by our Executive Board.  We hold elections once a year. We are all volunteers.