Finding My Deployment Purpose

Happy Monday Everyone! I also wanted to take this opportunity to share why I joined the Vinson FRG Board. First of all, Cara Lynn Hanhurst roped me into it LOL. After last deployment, Cara Hanhurst  and Brittany Harker stepped up to take on the President and Treasurer roles, which was the only reason why the FRG stayed in tact at that time. I joined the game a little late, along with Brettany Buetow. I personally joined because I was looking for a hobby as well as something to boost my resume. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I didn’t anticipate becoming as attached to the group as I am now. Planning events may seem trivial, but when you are able to bring people together in a welcoming and supportive environment, you really do feel a purpose. I was doubtful at first in my capability of sliding in to the President position for this past term, especially knowing there was a deployment on the horizon, because I am just a spouse too! How am I supposed to be upbeat and plan events for our families on top of struggling through the regular stress that deployment brings? Well, it has given me something to channel my energy towards, turning my frustrations into something positive. I also truly have made a family from the FRG – between the board as well as all of you members that attend our events. It makes me so happy to see familiar faces coming back, as well as new faces trying out our events for the first time. It does bring a sense of purpose during the monotony of deployment. Circling back to the part about boosting my resume, this has been a great opportunity practice decision-making, public speaking, and crisis management. Everyone joins the board or comes to FRG events for their own reasons, but I feel like we all get the same thing out of it at the end – becoming a family. If you are even slightly interested in running for a board position to influence the success of the FRG in the future, please fill out an initial application:

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