Red White & Blue 2-mile run/walk

Join your Vinson FRG as we tackle New Years’ Resolutions with a 2-mile run or walk!

All ages are welcome! Event -T-shirt to those who pre-register and participate; quantities are limited. There is no day-of registration. 9 am check in


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Wings Over America Scholarship

logoUSS Carl Vinson Scholarship– funded by the USS Carl Vinson FRG, this scholarship is available to all dependents of Navy personnel who currently or formerly served aboard USS Carl Vinson (ship’s company, not Airwing) .

Eligibility: Dependent of Ship’s company (any time- past or current member). The 8 year requirement of aviation service Does Not have to be met to be eligible for this scholarship.


Pre-qualification (eligibility) February 1, 2016

Scholarship Application March 1, 2016

Apply Now

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Our First Event of 2016!

Save the Date!
Thursday, January 14th

Join us for our first event of 2016!

The entire family is welcome to join us for a fun and casual potluck event at Societe Brewing Company in Kearney Mesa!.
Please RSVP below. Details re: potluck items to bring will follow.

A complimentary drink ticket will be available to the first 50 guests to register,

ages 21 and over.


8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92111

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2015 Children’s Holiday Party



The 2015 Children’s Holiday Party will be held at Admiral Baker Park on Saturday, December 5th from 1pm – 4pm. RSVPs to be collected on board the USS Carl Vinson. Please have your sailor inquire about RSVPing for the Children’s Party. The Vinson FRG will not be collecting reservations.

Food, Entertainment, Children’s Crafts and Activities. A special holiday themed “someone” will also be visiting!



Admiral Baker Park

2400 Admiral Baker Rd, San Diego, California 92120
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FRG Survey

Help the Vinson FRG serve you and your family!

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Homecoming Readiness Information

To prepare for homecoming, the FRG, Ombudsman Team and FORCE Ombudsman presented  the following information for the families of Carl Vinson Sailors and Airwing at our Reintegration Meeting.   This post contains information about the rules and regulations of Homecoming Day and First Kiss Tickets

From the FORCE ombudsman:

– Base Access: Base access for non DOD ID Card holders (ie grandma, sisters, aunts, friends) has to be arranged by the SAILOR aboard the USS Carl Vinson.  The command aboard the USS carl Vinson has begun a base access list.  If there is even the slightest possibility that someone may be at Homecoming, please have your sailor put them on the list.  Children under 10 do not need to be placed on the list.  Children 10 and OVER who do not have a DOD ID Card must be placed on the access list.  People who are riding onto the base WITH a military spouse must be placed on the list.  There are no exceptions, all IDs will be checked for all people in a vehicle over 10 years old.  Military ID holders and guests riding in their vehicle should use the Main Gate (Stockdale).  Non military ID holders should use Gate 2 (Carrier Gate, closest to the bay).

– Ship arrival time has not been confirmed.  Most carriers arrive between 9a and 10a.  The exact time of arrival will be released 24-48 hours before Homecoming Day

– Plan for A LOT OF TRAFFIC.  There will still be normal working traffic for the base AND San Diego.  Plan your travel time accordingly.  If a BRAVO threat level is still being enforced, this will cause further delays at the base gates.  Please plan for an early morning.

– Plan for a LONG morning.  Even after the ship has arrived at the pier, it will be at least an hour before sailors begin coming off the ship.  Pack snacks, water, chairs, and sunscreen along with a light coat.  Refreshments WILL be provided on the pier.

– NO BALLOONS, PETS, ALCOHOL, or COOLERS (small lunch boxes/bags for snacks are allowed)

– Parking.  Parking will be in the lot that the sailors usually park in on base.  VIP parking (for those on the New Moms list, First Kiss winners, etc) has not been determined.  NO OVERNIGHT PARKING IS ALLOWED.  More info about parking will be released closer to Homecoming Day.

The handout from the FORCE Ombudsman can be found at this link: cvn 70 rules & regulations.


FIRST KISS Tickets:  

The First Kiss is a tradition of Homecoming Day normally run as a fundraiser for the Family Readiness Group.  Due to the frugality of the board, generous support of our fundraisers and overwhelming support from the community, it was not neccesary to sell tickets.  To give EVERYONE the opportunity to be a part of this tradition, the USS Carl Vinson command has taken control of the FIRST KISS tradition.  Every sailor aboard the ship will have the opportunity to put a loved one’s name into a drawing.  There will be 8 winners:

  • A spouse from the USS carl Vinson (First Kiss)
  • A spouse from Airwing (First Kiss)
  • A dependent child from the USS Carl Vinson (First Hug)
  • A dependent child from Airwing (first Hug)
  • A family member/friend/unmarried significant other from the USS Carl Vinson (First High Five)
  • A family member/friend/unmarried significant other from Airwing (First High Five)
  • A single sailor from USS Carl Vinson (First Liberty)
  • A single sailor from Airwing (First Liberty)

These winners will be drawn by the FCPOA (First Class Petty Officers Association) on May 23rd aboard the ship and the sailor and his chosen loved one will be notified.  Runners up will also be drawn in case the winners cannot participate.

The First Kiss/Hug/Hi Five tickets that were given out by the FRG at the beginning of the deployment will be part of a special 9th winner drawing.  All the tickets collected will be placed into a single drawing for the chance for their sailor to also be a part of the group that gets to leave the ship first.  Everyone who attends the Vinson Final Countdown party on the evening before Homecoming will ALSO receive an entry into this drawing.  The winner will be drawn and announced THAT evening.

To increase your sailor’s chance at being chosen, please make sure to tell them to enter the drawing on the ship.  To further increase your sailor’s chance, make sure you attend the Vinson Final Countdown Party.  More information about this event will be sent to you from your sailor.  

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Updated on 5/21/15 Navy Lodge North Island

All rooms in the Vinson FRG block have been booked.



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Do you want to be part of the VINSON FRG Board?

The Vinson FRG Board is taking nominations for the 2015-2016 Executive Board.  As an FRG volunteer you have the chance to make a real difference in the moral and experience of the navy families of our command.  FRG Board members must be married to their sailor and have at least 1 year left at the command.  No experience is needed, training is offered through FFSC courses.  These board members would take their seats on the FRG after June 30th, 2015.

Please read over the positions to find the one that suits you best!


  • Arrange monthly meeting places, secure speakers when necessary, and preside at all meetings
  • Represent the group at all meetings and affairs when necessary
  • Keep the Appointed Command Point of Contact informed of the group’s activities

 Vice President: 

  • Assume the responsibilities of the President in their absence
  • Act as Parliamentarian at the business meeting
  • Assist in the coordination of committees, and be the contact for the committee chairpersons


  • Record the minutes of all meetings, and shall handle all the correspondence of the group as directed by the President
  • Maintain all minutes, treasury reports, and resignation letters in a bound folder
  • Maintain and handle all media and Social media communications


  • Keep a full and accurate account of all transactions of the Family Readiness Group.
  • Present a written report at each business meeting.

Please email with your name, the position you are interested in, and a brief explanation of your background as it applies to the position by 5/2/15. Please note that you MUST be a spouse of a sailor assigned to the USS Carl Vinson and you must live in the greater San Diego area (during the board term) to be on the Vinson FRG Board.

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October FRG Meeting Recap

Hello Vinson families!

We held our first general meeting of the FRG on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at the Murphy Canyon Chapel.  We were so happy to have the 94 of you who joined us!  The families were able to make a Halloween Craft that will be sent to their sailor and listened to messages from the FRG, the Ombudsman team, the Captain (via email) and we had a guest speaker from FOCUS on military families.

Oct frg meet


We have a few fundraisers coming up!  Please plan to attend our family dining nights:

All fundraiser raise money for YOUR Halfway and Homecoming Parties!  Make sure you invite friends and neighbors to the dining nights.  Flyers for the events must be printed out and brought to the restaurant for your orders to count  (those are found at the links).  ANYONE can purchase a RED shirt, so encourage any friends or family members who admire your shirt to also order one!

Upcoming Events:

  • Thankful For Pillowcase Craft Day – October 19 from 2p-4p  – Bring a pillowcase and craft supplies to Admiral Robinson Bowling Center’s Bingo Hall!  We’re decorating them with what your family or your sailor is thankful for and the FRG will be sending them to the ship to reach your sailor by Thanksgiving!
  • HOWL-O-WEEN Dog Parent Meetup – October 25 from 4p-6p – You and your favorite pet are invited to a Halloween party! Have fido come in costume and they might win a prize!
  • November Potluck – November 8  from 11a-1p  – Bring a dish to share (and tupperware to bring leftovers home!) and join your fellow Vinson families at a potluck!  San Diego Spine and Rehab will be there giving FREE chair massages too!

Volunteers Wanted:

We need volunteers to help plan, decorate and execute our Halfway and Night-Before-Homecoming parties!  These are large scale parties that ALL Vinson FRG and Strike Group families are welcome to!  They help celebrate the big milestones of the Deployment. If you are interested in being a part of these committees, please fill out our volunteer interest form!


The USS Carl Vinson Ombudsman addressed our FRG at the meeting to remind us of a few things.  They can be reached by phone, email or Facebook Message.   Phone calls will be returned within 24 hours, emails will be answered within 48 hours and Instant Messages will be answered as soon as possible.  Our Ombudsman are also Vinson spouses and your privacy and safety are their primary concern.  They do not answer phone calls in the middle of a crowded commissary, for example, because they do not wish for others to hear what might be a very confidential conversation.

Ombudsman Newsletter:

The October Ombudsman Newsletter went out just recently.  If you are not signed up to receive their newsletter, please visit their website and follow the directions to be added to the list.  If you are on the list already but haven’t received one, please check your SPAM folder.  Many accounts are labeling it as SPAM because of the sheer number of newsletter emails being sent out.

The Command Careline: 

The Ombudsman reminded our families that voicemails that are left when the Command Careline is called will not be answered.  The Careline is another way that the Captain and Command communicate news with Carl Vinson Families.


The Carl Vinson Ombudsman reminded us that we need to observe Operational Security and Personal Security while our sailors are deployed.  The presence of many Carl Vinson facebook groups are of concern because even “secret” groups don’t stay secret when members can grab screenshots and share them in other places.  Please do not share locations, port destinations, mission information or dates for port visits OR the homecoming until it’s been officially released by the command.  The Careline updates are a good way to gauge what can be shared.  The Ombudsman team suggested that if the urge to discuss the deployment locations and dates grabs you, then you should grab a fellow Vinson family member and have a private conversation.  In this day and age of technology surveillance emails, phone calls and text messages are also considered an UNSAFE way to share information.  Countdowns on facebook are also considered to be UNSAFE because it reveals the homecoming date.  If you have questions about OPSEC, please contact the Ombudsman Team.


FOCUS: Resiliency Training

Those who attended the meeting benefitted from Resiliency Training, courtesy of FOCUS program for Military Families.  Children ages 5 and up recieved a separate training as the adults, but both trainings focused on identifying stressors like traffic, crying children, being late etc.  We also learned to identify different levels of stress, using a color thermometer from green to yellow to orange to red.

Green = calm, relaxed body, smiling

Yellow = tense, headaches

Orange = anxious, butterflies, sweating, 

Red = angry, depressed, crying and yelling

Knowing what can move your stress level up the thermometer can help you avoid those stressors and to stay in the “green” zone as much as possible.  This is especially helpful to teach children, since the colors can give them a way to tell you how they feel, even when they might not understand why they feel that way.

FOCUS offers 6 FREE sessions to military families and their sailors.  They are located near major military bases around the world.  For more information on FOCUS and their targeted counseling programs for military families, please visit their website at

NEXT MEETING: Potluck meeting at Mariner’s Park on November 8th from 11a-1p

-PLEASE bring a decorated pillowcase showing what you or your sailor is thankful for! Please put your sailor’s rate/rank, name and department on the pillowcase.   We will be sending them to the ship in time for them to receive for Thanksgiving.  For those who are NOT in the area or cannot make it to our decorating party (see upcoming events above) please contact for information on mailing your pillowcase to us.

Bring a Decorated pillowcase to our November meeting to be sent to your sailor!

Bring a Decorated pillowcase to our November meeting to be sent to your sailor!




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Pre-Deployment Brief info

Hello Vinson Families!  

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Pre-Deployment Brief coming up in between the POM periods on July 23, from 6-8pm on board the ship in the hangar bay. This is a very informative event with many different resources from not only the command, but other Navy sources as well such as Navy Legal, Fleet and Family Support Center, Operation Homefront, MWR, and many more. 
Please consider attending as there will be information on what you need to know for before, during, and after deployment. It would be great for you to hear this all first hand.  It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the military, a seasoned military family, whether this is your first ship, you’ve never done a deployment, or you’ve done 20 deployments, you can always learn something new at a Pre-Deployment Brief. 
Your Ombudsman team and FRG board will be there with a wealth of resources and information. 
Be sure to stop by our tables and see what we have.  We would love to meet you and to give you resources that you are sure to need while your sailor is away!predeployment brief2

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