Updated Facebook Group Information

mail-1917160_960_720The Vinson FRG has started a Secret Facebook group to help us better connect our members to each other and the San Diego area. Eligibility for this secret group is limited to Spouses, Partners, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, and other extended family members of Vinson Sailors that reside in San Diego.  To be added to the group, please ask your sailor to email us at info@vinsonfrg.org from their ship email address.  In the email, please ask them to include your email address associated with your **Facebook account**, as that is how we will add you to the group.  Our public Facebook page will remain active, but information regarding specific details about our events will transition to our group for the safety of our Family Readiness Group Members. We will continue to share event opportunities for all families that do not violate the guidelines for PERSEC on our public page and our website at vinsonfrg.org.
Due to the large volume of requests we’re getting, it may be a few days before you are added. Thank you for your patience.
Any questions or concerns can be sent to info@vinsonfrg.org

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